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Decorative Accessories
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Blue Staghorn Coral Sculpture

Blue Staghorn Coral Sculpture Part of the Coral Collection, this sculpture really makes..


Large White Lettuce Coral Statue

Lettuce Coral Is found in reefs and fisheries throughout the world. Sculpted with great de..


Red Staghorn Coral Sculpture

Red Staghorn Coral Sculpture It is not a beach house if you don’t have some coral or sh..


Saskatchewan Sculptural Coral Bowl

Saskatchewan Sculptural Coral Bowl This sculptural coral bowl looks like it was recentl..


Silver Coral on Acrylic Base

Silver Coral on Acrylic Base Add a touch of glamor with this gilded silver leaf coral s..


White Coral Candle Holder and Statue - Set Of 6

Is it a candle holder that doubles as a sculpture, or a sculpture that doubles as a candle holder? E..


White Stony Coral Sculpture and Shelf - Set of 2

Acropora Coral is basis for this replication. With an extremely lifelike finish ..


Cretaceous Clam Shell Vase

Cretaceous Clam Shell Vase Freshly plucked from the sea, the cretaceous clam shell vase..


Shell Bookends

Shell BookendsYou can almost hear the sea with this pair of shell bookends. A wood look base hol..


Gilded Sea Bowl

Gilded Sea Bowl The Gilded Sea Bowl is made of blue-green murcury glass and stands upon..


Tultui Decorative Stand - Large

Tultui Decorative Stand - Large A large school of scurrying neon blue fish is capt..


Tultui Decorative Stand - Small

Tultui Decorative Stand - SmallA scurrying school of neon blue fish is captu..


Ceramic Vase with Clam Shells - Large New

Ceramic Vase with Clam Shells - Large

Ceramic Vase with Clam Shells - Large A beautiful addition to any coastal or organic st..


Ceramic Vase with Clam Shells - Medium New

Ceramic Vase with Clam Shells - Medium

Ceramic Vase with Clam Shells - Medium Same as the Large Ceramic Vase with Clam Shells,..


Sandcastle Bookends

Dimensions: 5-1/4'' X 6-1/4'' X 8'' (LxWxH)  Weight: 9lb ..


Surfn' Bookends

Dimensions: 5'' X 6-1/2'' X 7-1/2'' (LxWxH)  Weight: 11lb ..


Vourvoulos Vessel

Vourvoulos Vessel It looks like roman glass retreived from under the sea. Tall, teal&nb..


Chrome Crab

Dimensions: 18'' X 11'' X 4-1/2'' (LxWxH)  Weight: 5lb ..


Chrome Lobster

This Beautiful High detail Chrome Lobster comes with an incredible electroplated chrome finish. Its ..


Coastal Fish Book Boxes

Coastal Fish Book BoxesIf you love tropical fish, this is for you. This set of vinyl covered woo..