Overnight Bags & Travel

Overnight Bags & Travel
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Chesapeake Drawstring Bag

This is just one of those must-have bags, perfect for school, sports, shopping, sightseeing, and so ..


Newport Round Duffel - Medium

This classic "barrel" duffel design is perfect for boat, beach, or gym, with just the righ..


Newport Shoe Bag

Now THIS is a unique gift (even if it's for yourself) -- a sporty shoe bag maded of our genuine ..


Newport Square Duffel - Large

The perfect size for weekend travel or a full-day family outing. With its space-efficiency, compact ..


Newport Square Duffel - Mini

Sometimes you just don't need a big bag, and for those times we love this little guy. Just right..


Newport Square Duffel - XL

This bag is hungry! Big enough to swallow up a week's worth of casual clothing, or beach towels ..


Newport Stow Bag - Large

The middle size of our three available Stow Bags, this one's just right for a beach towel and sw..


Newport Stow Bag - Medium

This little hold-all is great for carrying wet clothes (just open it wide and let it air dry outside..


Newport Stow Bag - XL

The largest of our versatile, lightweight Stow Bags makes a perfect laundry hamper, blanket storage ..


Tri-Sail Duffel

This big, beautiful duffel holds enough for two or three days of travel, or a regatta's worth of..