An Unexpected Influence

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Most people have a certain vision when it comes to coastal style. It is usually formed by our interaction with the ocean or things associated with the ocean when growing up. Sometimes these things can work on our psyche very subtly without us really realizing that they have made a real impact on us and then there are other things that are very overt.

Styles vary as the coastlines vary. A California coastal home in Malibu will have a very different vibe than a beach cottage on Virginia Beach. The things that bind them are common materials and colors associated with the sea. A couple of those materials are concrete and wood.

Surprisingly, concrete is one of the subtle materials played on our psyche but is a large part of our coastal experiences. It is not really a natural material like driftwood, but a combined one that has the look and feeling of stone. It is a part of the urban scene in commercial wharfs and piers.

Milled wood also is a part of it too. Many piers are built with wood pilings and give an interesting structure. Many times, I would remember walking out on a wooden pier and spying through the knotholes the ocean crashing below.

Casa Cook Hotel on Rhodes

This is a good example of a concrete table even though it is used in a commercial application.


Certain pieces of furniture incorporate these materials and bring a kind of edginess to the coastal home. Here are a few pieces that fit into those criteria.

The Pirate Concrete and Wood Dining Table incorporates the best of both worlds. A polished concrete top adorns a trestle style table. Detailing is found on the ends where weathered wood compliments the top and is attached by decorative eye-blots. This is a heavy, sturdy table that won’t erode with time.

The Pirate Concrete and Wood Coffee Table


Another table that echoes these piers is the Twiggs Coffee Table. It is a very cool, retro table with a polished concrete top and angled legs. It has a natural, clean look to it and would do well in many coastal styles.

Twiggs Coffee Table

Remember, an item doesn’t have to be large to give you the same feeling. Take for example the Worton Waxed Concrete Stool. This is a barrel shaped concrete stool with indentations for detail. It is a very versatile piece which can be moved between indoors and out. Even use it as an end table or coffee table, put by the side of a fireplace or even in the bathroom for a sturdy place to sit.

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